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Change Log

2.2.2 10-Aug-2020
* Add ‘Radio’ as new Home menu option
* Bugfix: Module no longer disables itself if Kodi connection broken abruptly
2.2.1 10-Aug-2020
* Bugfix: Remove compilation errors with SIMPL 4.14 and Crestron Databases 200+
2.2.0 07-Aug-2020
* Update to compile with Crestron 200+ databases
2.1.7 12-Oct-2019
* Minor changes for Leia release of Kodi
* Show progress dialog when scanning for new content
* Add Norwegian language
* Add TextEntry sub Page to VTP program for language support
* Fix ‘Save Playlist’ error that prevented exiting dialog
2.1.6 11-Jan-2019
* Bugfix: Searching for a movie was causing the movie list to reload
2.1.5 20-Aug-2018
* Kodi webserver username and passwords now supported
* Bugfix: Stopping a movie was causing the movie list to reload
2.1.4 09-Jul-2018
* Bugfix: Play/Pause buttons did not work for some streaming services
* Various fixes for upcoming Leia release of Kodi
2.1.3 30-Nov-2017
* Add Thumbnails to Pictures menus
* Bugfix: Elapsed time not updating after seeking to next/prev chapter
2.1.2 04-Nov-2017
* All items in “Files-Video” and “Files-Audio” menus are now added to now-playing playlist
* Improve thumbnail generation for “Files-Video” items
* Add ability to set default playlist ‘repeat’ behaviour via kmp_settings.xml file
2.1.1 28-Jun-2017
* Bugfix: Incorrect method call in Scan_Video_Library
2.1.0 14-May-2017
* Bugfix: Loss of control of multiple kodi instances
2.0.0 11-Mar-2017
* Add “seek to” using progress bar
* Add languages for internationalisation
* New search menu replacing old jump-to functionality
* Add Kodi Favourites menu support
* Add new signals to SIMPL+
* Use v1.3 of the Media Player SDK
* Bugfix: fullscreen not toggling correctly
* Bugfix: fix incorrect time on startup if media already playing
* Bugfix: chaing audio or subtitle streams now faster
1.1.4 26-Jan-2017
* Bugfix: Only one song would play when using a Spotify Addon playlist
* Bugfix: Spotify Addon search was not working
1.1.3 3-Jan-2017
* Improve error handling of empty lists.
* Add suspend signal to go with Hibernate, Shutdown, Reboot etc.
* Bugfix: addon-supplied playerid was negative (Exodus addon)
* Bugfix: addon-supplied song description was causing error (Spotify)
* Bugfix: Back button was missing from media lists
* Bugfix: Large notification messages were sometimes truncated, leading to rare socket errors
1.1.2 30-Nov-2016
*  Added Music playlists menu item
* Bugfix: Playing movies that are not in Kodi database no longer generates errors
1.1.1 23-Nov-2016
* Added PageUp, PageDown, NextLetter, PrevLetter signals
* Added Favourites window signal
* Added keyboard text entry for Kodi Search dialog
1.1.0 7-Nov-2016
* Added Fanart signal to allow background images for UI
* Removed unnecessary buttons from Live TV playback screen
* BugFix: Send text async to prevent Kodi hanging
* BugFix: handle errors caused by invalid movieids
1.0.0 10-Oct-2016
* Added Kodi Add-ons support for Video, Audio and Pictures
* Added Digital signals to give playing state feedback for non-smart grpahics clients
* Added “Live TV – Groups” home menu entry
* BugFix: Videos and Files home menu items now work correctly
* BugFix: Improved error handling of Live TV now playing metadata
0.9.7 04-Oct-2016
* Added signals to transmit remote keys 0-9 to KodiMediaPlayer
* BugFix: System would hang when opening ISOs with menus
0.9.6 30-Sep-2016
* Added new signals to enable use in non-smart graphics scenarios
* Added Video Files Home menu option
0.9.5 20-Sep-2016
* Added ability to use own logo… just replace the existing logo in your VT Pro-e project and change the serial send in SIMPL.
* Added ability to use either sic or Movies as a home (root) menu.
* Various stability and error handling improvements.
0.9.4 16-Sep-2016
* New default empty thumbnail called 1×1.gif has been added to the project.
* Bugfix: Playlist data was being ignored
* Bugfix: If a list item had a missing thumbnail the list data was shown incorrectly.
0.9.3 14-Sep-2016
* BugFix: Music>Artist>Album filter error
* BugFix: Next item in playlist was not showing
0.9.2 13-Sep-2016
* Simplified VTP project, removing unnecessary controls
* Removed unused signals from KodiMediaPlayerAdapter.usp
* Added Volume controls and Volume feedback
0.9.1 12-Sep-2016
* Bug Fixes
0.9.0 8-Sep-2016
* Initial beta release to public
KodiMediaPlayer is written by Neil Carthy ( with assistance from Andrew Drummond (
Copyright (C) Shandon Software Limited – All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized copying of this software, via any medium is strictly prohibited.
Your license details are in the last page of the help file.

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